Bubble Beanie Hat Knitting Pattern

My Bubble Knit Stitch Pattern is really popular right now, so I thought it would be great if I designed a hat that we can all knit up together. #StudioKnit #knittingvideo #bubblehat #knithat

Crochet with alternative materials
Crocheted by thread, whether it’s wool or cotton, acrylic or even yarn. However, you can crochet with a wide variety of other ingredients. Here are some examples:

Wire crochet . Crocheting with wire is often used to make crocheted jewelry, but it can also be used to make sculpture and other art. To get started, explore some crocheted wire jewelry patterns.
Beaded crochet . Beads are also a common feature of crocheted jewelry. This beaded wire crochet bracelet pattern can teach you how to work with both beads and wire in a project.
Crochet with glass . Some ambitious artists, such as Catherine Carr, actually crochet with glass rather than yarn. However, you can also learn the simpler technique of glass pieces for your crocheted work.
Crocheted plastic bag thread (Plarn). Recycle old plastic bags by spinning them into yarn and then use them to crochet mats, baskets and more.
Rags / T-shirt thread crochet . Likewise, you can turn old clothes and fabric into wonderful new crocheted items .
Crochet with alternative instruments
Apart from a regular crochet hook, there are also crochet techniques that use an instrument. We’ve already listed a few of these (the broom uses a crochet hook along with a crochet needle, and hairpin lace uses a completely different technique. Here are some other techniques to try in this category:

Tunisian crochet . The Tunisian crocheted hook is slightly longer than the traditional crochet hook and is shaped in slightly different ways.
Cro-tatting . This technique is used to achieve the appearance of tatting when working with a hook hook. Cro-tatting hooks are longer and straighter, with a smaller head than a traditional crochet hook.
I’m teasing . If you saw a hook with two heads, one at each end, then you saw the tool used for fro-hooks.
Finger crochet . Why use a crochet hook so you can use your fingers only when crocheting?
Alternatives To Crochet Basics
All of these are small changes in basic crochet techniques that can create big changes in your business.

Working With Different Loops . Only the back loop (BLO) and only the front loop (FLO) are crocheted. And with half a double hook there’s actually a third loop you can work in.
JAYGO . There are many different combining techniques for learning crochet. Combine-to-you-go-crochet is a popular choice.
Non-chained crochet crochet . There are also different ways to start projects. Although most of our projects do, you don’t have to start with a basic chain. Learn this technique to have alternatives.
Felt you can take the item you’ve already crocheted and wash it in a way that completely changes the look.
And more!
Entrelac crocheted . Like Fair Isle,” entrelac ” is a term that comes from knitting. Refers to a specific diamond pattern that you can also use in crochet.
Bavarian crochet . This is a multi-textured variety of stitches that take a big punch.
Amigurumi . Have you tried this popular Japanese crochet technique using single crochet seams and stuffing them to make small animals and other items?
Hyperbolic Crochet . Exponentially enlarge your crochet to create organic designs using hyperbolic crochet.
Free-Form Crochet . Forget all the crochet rules you’ve learned so far and paint only with thread in the free-form crochet technique.

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