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Improve your skills by learning these niche crochet techniques

One of the things I love most about crochet is that you can start doing great projects once you’ve just learned the basics of the craft. Still, there are a wide range of different options and possibilities with this handiwork that you can continue to develop and expand your skills for years and years to come.

I’m going to try to improve my own skills already for the new year, so I’m making a list of crochet techniques that I want to learn.

I thought I’d share this list with you, along with other crochet techniques that I already know and love, so you can be a starting point for creating your list of things you want to learn. Mark or print this and see how far you can stretch your crochet in the coming months!

Crochet Color Techniques
These techniques offer different ways to play with colors and patterns with crocheting:

Tapestry crocheted . In this type of crochet, you work with lots of thread colors that carry a stylized color as you work. It allows you to create beautiful colorful patterns. There are a wide variety of Tapestry crochet projects, but they are particularly useful for making sturdy and sculptural crocheting.
Reversible crochet . There are several different types of recycled crochet. Locked crochet is a special technique taught by Tanis Galik. Another major source is Laurinda Reddig, whose own reversible Intarsia crochet style teaches classes and books.
Double-stranded or multi-stranded crochet . In this technique, you hold two or more threads together as you work. It takes a bit of tuning to avoid confusion, but it can result in Nice multi-coot projects working quickly.
Fair Isle crocheted . This is the kind of fine print that is popular in knitting and has been crocheted recently. Karen Whooley teaches some great techniques for Fair Isle Crochet.
Its layout is crocheted . This is a unique color technique that seems to be most used in making crochet mandala. It uniquely combines texture and colour with rich embroidery, mosaics and stained glass.
Lace Crochet Techniques
The crochet techniques in this category are all variations on the lacy crochet:

Hairpin lace crocheted . This lace crochet technique uses a special piece of equipment. You usually make strips out of lace and then combine them in finished projects. Read more about hairpin lace crochet here.
Filet crocheted . If you’ve seen a filet crochet pattern, then you know it’s a graphic instead of words or symbols. It is a fairly simple technique and can often be used to create a nice range of products with an old feeling towards them.
Crocheted Irish lace . Speaking about Vintage, The Irish lace crochet is a historical technique that can be used to give classical sentiment to contemporary designs.
Broom lace crocheted . As this crochet technique from its name suggests, historically, you’d use a crochet hook that pulls a ring on a broom to create your design. These days people often use a thick knitting needle instead of a broom, but the idea and effect are the same.
Crocheted Bruges lace . In Bruges lace, the rotational chain becomes a key element of lace crochet design.
Lovers Knot / Solomon’s Knot . You can change the seam height too much in this technique to change the look of your crochet design. Read More From Here.

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